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Afghanistan veteran saved by memory techniques
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"the sweetest word in the English language to any person is their name" -Dale Carnegie
How much money has forgetting names cost you? It is more than you may think.
One customer of mine recently shared this story with me. They worked for a large insurance company (I am omitting the name but you would know it) before the economic crisis.
He learned my memory system to help him fight forgetfulness and prevent Alzheimer's.
(Recent research suggests that techniques like mine raise your cognitive reserve, allowing you to have more years with a stronger memory, as you get older).
After the economic crisis hit, I talked to this customer again. His story was so compelling that I had to share it with you.
He had been using the name technique to memorize the names of everyone in his wing of the company. He started with first names, then last names, then spousesí names and kidsí names. Before he knew it he was easily recalling over 500 names!
As you can imagine, he became very popular. Everyone wanted to talk with him, invite him to social activities and more. He even got some extra interest from the opposite sex that he would not elaborate on.
Then the market crashed in October. His company was hit hard and the downsizing began. People he knew were being let go everywhere and he was worried about his job.
Thankfully he was not let go but everyone else whose name he had remembered was now gone!
He was plucked out of his closed down wing and put in charge of another department. But he had no idea how lucky he was until 6 months later.
With the shorter staff, he was asked to help sort through papers in preparation for a quarterly report. Remember, he did not normally do this job but as many of you know, downsizing hits often require a person to do the job of several people.
While helping out, someone showed him a memo with his name on it. As he read it through he realized it was a notice deciding who should be terminated months earlier.
It had all the names of everyone he had memorized before the crash as well as his name.
The miracle is that his name was circled and a note was written saying how he had shown a personal touch and leadership ability.
This customer told me my memory training had saved him his job. He also asked me to expand the names program in my course. It had saved him so much he was wondering how many others were saved by practicing the names technique at work.
He told me that this is an advanced technique and really requires lots of practice to master the skill, so there should be an advanced intensive program for names.

That’s why Dave created "Master The Name Game!"


In this four DVD program, you get to sit in on an actual behind the curtain training program for one of Dave’s clients, valued at over $5000.00.

This program has it all:

  • How to use the names technique in every situation (parties are different than work).
  • The advanced techniques for handling complex names (even Asian or Arabic names are recalled with ease now).
  • DVD Video so you get to see all the faces in the training not just hear audio.
  • My invention of a phonetic system for breaking down tough names, making them easy to remember (not available anywhere else).
  • Plenty of intense perfect coaching practice. Dave guides you step by step through the pitfalls so you don’t make a mistake.
  • When you finish it you could comfortably memorize any name or group, quickly and easily.
  • It’s affordable for anyone to invest in.

Remembering names is the single most important skill you can develop to be successful in life and your career.

Join Dave Farrow in a never before seen behind the curtain training to master the art of Names and Faces. One of Dave's successful clients is allowing you to sit in the intensive program. This limousine company hired Dave to teach their chauffeurs how to remember the names of everyone they drive.

I know you don't need any more convincing on the importance of memorizing names and important details about people you meet. At this point, in your journey, there are 2 distinct forks in the road ahead...
The Forgetful Fork: Taking this fork could lead you to a land of destitution, failure, sorrow, and regret in your career that will carry over into your personal life. Regret that had you just remembered key people's names and important facts about them, it would have catapulted you to the top of your career and resulted in financial security for you and your family. My point is that this is not just about being embarrassed but about real success. I want my customers to be incredibly successful in life and this technique is the key to that success. Don't let this be you!
The Success Fork: Taking this fork will lead you to the land of prosperity and success because you have mastered the techniques of remembering peoplesí names. You realize that what Dale Carnegie said is true and that it will open doors that would have never been opened to your financial future. You also understand that remembering just ONE key personís name in your life could be your prosperity!
The regular price for this program is over $800.00.
Because you are a returning customer, you qualify for a special offer.
You get the entire 4 DVD Master the Names Game Program for only $139.00.
As always, my products have a full 30 day money back guarantee.

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Starley Murray, top image consultant:
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"Dave Farrow was an excellent speaker for our event. He amazed the entire room by recalling the first and last names of everyone in attendance over 140 people! For weeks after everyone couldn't stop commenting about it."


Geri M. Kelly
Columbia Bank
SVP, Human Resources Officer
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Dear Dave,

I am shocked.
I am a very skeptical person after reading your website and watching the Regis and Kelly video My very first reaction was to Google you and your program to see if you were a scam.
Well I searched high and low and found not one bad thing was written about you. I was shocked. No joke! Usually you will find one complaining person I found none.
Only one word came to my mind at that moment it was Wow.


Edward Ross
Western Regional Manager
Research in Motion
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"I have always been embarrassed with my inability to remember the names of my client's. I bought the "Master the Name Game" DVD set. I have learned how to remember names and how to connect the names to the faces. To benefit the most from these techniques takes a desire to improve and some practice, but with Dave's coaching on the DVD's, the progress comes quickly and is enjoyable.

Thank you Dave for making these techniques available in such an enjoyable format and sharing how your great memory skills work for the rest of us. Who knows, I may take up a second language now.

Mark Miller, HIP
Vice President
Nancy Miller Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.
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